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PromoWebPage Policy

We invite you to read these rules and to regularly consult this document. Content Sites

Although Promowebpage Network offers broad access to a rich variety of content, websites that ads on the network may not submit content:
including incitement to violence or racism or attacks against an individual, a group or organization;

pornographic or adult character; on hacking techniques;
on drugs or elements thereto; profanity;

on gambling or casino;
Sales or promotion of weapons or ammunition (eg, firearms, daggers
or stun guns)
Sales or promotion of alcohol products;
Sales or promotion of tobacco or related products;
Sales or promotion of pharmaceutical products;
Sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of articles of Mark ;
Sales or distribution of memoirs or study work;
illegal, promotes illegal or violates the legal rights of others activities. Material protected by copyright

Publishers are not permitted to run ads whose content is protected by the Act
copyright unless they have all the necessary legal rights to display that content .. Offenders who do not respect their commitments, their advertisements will immediately removed without any other notice and refund.
Our guarantees and clauses Disclaimer

Our service offering is subject to an obligation of means, within the limits of what is commercially reasonable. We hope you find fun to use. Our services are
however, subject to a limited warranty.
Except as expressly provided by these Terms of Use or Terms of Use

Additional nor Publilux Inc. nor its suppliers or distributors make no promise about Services. For example, we do not undertake regarding the content of services, features offered through the services, reliability, availability or
adequacy to meet your needs. We provide our services "as is".

Responsibility to our services.

To the extent permitted by law, Publilux Inc., its suppliers and distributors, disclaim all liability for loss of profits, revenue or data, financial losses or
indirect damages, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages.
In case of major breakdown or interruption of service for equipment failure, loss given, piracy, or any other major forces, our liability will extend your services at our expense for the same period the interruption will duration.

By subscribing to our services, you agree to our conditions and the risks listed